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Oliver Kell

US Investing Champion 2020

Traders had to use too many different software because the solutions available were fragmented. Researchfin now provides a complete solution with all the tools that traders need at one place and with a great UI.

Trading SetUps Done For You

Newbie trader or advanced, we got you covered. Our Pre-built scanner templates require no prior experience in trading, making it easy for anyone to analyze the common strategies that experts trade. Explore both fundamental and technical analysis-based strategies with just a click.

Customize your Scanner

Create your own scanner or Alter a pre-built scanner that matches your investment style.

Your Workspace, Your Way

Create unlimited workspaces and tailor each using specific data points for easy analysis of your ideas, customize them to fit your personal preference, and access them whenever you want. Interpret the interplay of technical and fundamental indicators along with the charting tool, and add your favorite custom watchlist for every asset class.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

Grab a company's economic story with all the key Fundamental data in one place. Compare quarterly and annual earnings growth of US/India listed companies across 5+ years, third-party analysts' ratings, and institutional holdings. Deep dive into their balance sheets, Income & cash flow statements, and add all of these data to your workspace to view them together.

Easy-to-Use Charting Tools

AI auto-draws patterns on the charts from Trendlines, Support and Resistance to Moving-Averages. Find analysts' price targets and more advanced pattern recognition automated by the AI. Supplement the technical forecast with a host of pre-built indicators and measuring tools.

Our Story

In 2019, we got together as a team from diverse technology and investment backgrounds with a mission to change the trading landscape. As traders ourselves, we always felt limited in researching data manually from multiple sources, lost precious time, and found it hard to maintain discipline without letting biases and emotions affect our trades. The existing technologies available to us did little to help in that and left a lot to be desired.​

Big financial institutions like the hedge funds have access to exorbitantly priced technologies and tools which gives them an unfair advantage over the retail trader. We decided to change that and make trading a level playing field by bringing technology access to the deprived retail traders.

As serial tech entrepreneurs, we have solved incredibly hard problems in multiple industries using Big Data and AI/ML. We also have deep technology domain experience working with Yahoo, IBM, Progress Software, Naspers Group, Boeing, among others. Our financial domain expertise comes from working with organizations like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), JPMorgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, and GE Capital. This combined breadth of experience and domain expertise supplied all the necessary ingredients to create a solution to help improve our own trading.

Inspired to democratize technology, we poured in all our energy on extensive research and soaked our AI scanner in countless testing and development for over two years. We are very happy and proud of what we see in our final product. So, what started as a solution to solve our challenges with trading, now we are extending it to every trader like us and hope that we are bringing enough power into your hands.

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