Automated Technical Analysis 

AI-based stock chart pattern recognition for profitable trade setups and better trading decisions


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Technology-aided Trading

Institutional Traders have their means to exorbitantly priced technologies that give them an unfair advantage over retail investors and DIY traders. Unfair because in a zero-sum game, the winner makes as much as losers lose. democratizes the value these technologies bring and creates a level playing field for retail traders by making advanced Artificial Intelligence technology available to everyone at an extremely affordable price.

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Augment Your Research and Decision-making Process

The goal of AI is to augment the research and decision-making process of the traders by automating the complex and time-consuming analysis and learning process that traders otherwise must painfully endure and, worse, that they cannot scale beyond a certain point. AI helps traders scale their analysis to a whole new level.


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Key Features


Automatic Chart Pattern Recognition with AI

Our AI analyzes thousands of stocks charts to identify chart pattern formations set up and ready for a breakout with a substantial reward: risk ratio configuration.


Risk-Reward assessed for Ideal Trade Setup

AI scans for the best risk-reward to present the ideal entry price, profit-taking and stop-loss.


Progress Tracking after a Breakout

Stay in control after you enter a trade setup with the Progress Tracker that keeps the stock price action in your sight.


Techno-fundamental Stock Insights

Interpret the interplay between technical and fundamental insights on a stock before trading to get an edge over other traders.


Customize your Technical Analysis

Filter from a wide range of technical and fundamental parameters to match your trading style.


Backtested Performance of Chart Patterns

Analyze past performances of various chart patterns on a trade setup across different time periods.


The Power of Advanced AI Technology at an Affordable Price

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Are you an investment advisor?

Researchfin is a publisher and technology platform and not an investment advisor. Contents on the app are for informational purpose only. Investing and Trading carries financial risks. Please consult a professional financial advisor, tax advisor and legal advisor before making any investment decisions.

Can I link my existing portfolio?

It is not available yet. But we are working on providing the functionality to link your brokerage account and sync your portfolio automatically.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will not be charged from your next billing cycle after you cancel. You will be able to access your subscription till the end of your current billing cycle.  



Our Story

In 2019, we got together as a team from diverse technology and investment backgrounds with a mission to change the trading landscape. As traders ourselves, we always felt limited in researching data manually from multiple sources, lost precious time, and found it hard to maintain discipline without letting biases and emotions affect our trades. The existing technologies available to us did little to help in that and left a lot to be desired.

Big financial institutions like the hedge funds have access to exorbitantly priced technologies and tools which gives them an unfair advantage over the retail trader. We decided to change that and make trading a level playing field by bringing technology access to the deprived retail traders.


As serial tech entrepreneurs, we have solved incredibly hard problems in multiple industries using Big Data and AI/ML. We also have deep technology domain experience working with Yahoo, IBM, Progress Software, Naspers Group, Boeing, among others. Our financial domain expertise comes from working with organizations like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), JPMorgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, and GE Capital. This combined breadth of experience and domain expertise supplied all the necessary ingredients to create a solution to help improve our own trading.


Inspired to democratize technology, we poured in all our energy on extensive research and soaked our AI scanner in countless testing and development for over two years. We are very happy and proud of what we see in our final product. So, what started as a solution to solve our challenges with trading, now we are extending it to every trader like us and hope that we are bringing enough power into your hands.