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Easily research, create, backtest and systematically trade profitable strategies with our all-in-one trading strategy builder.
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Get Started With Best Performing Trading Strategy Templates or Research and Create Your Own

What to Trade

Powerful Scanners for different trading styles like Momentum, Trend Following, Mean Reversion, The Strat and more

When to Trade

Advanced Entry/Exit Rules for precise control of the market positions

How to Trade

Fast Backtesting for knowing how a trading system performs under different market regimes

5 simple steps to

Create Your Dream Trading Strategy

Why is it so beneficial?

  • Reduce the learning curve of trading
    because you find profitable methods and build confidence sooner with Backtesting

  • Consistent results because you make trading decisions using rules

  • Reduced impact of psychology because the system doesn’t let your biases and fears impact the trading

  • Lower the risk that comes from discretionary trading

  • Reduced time and improve your productivity because the software scans the market to find your trades setups and entry/exit signals

Product Overview

Product Overview

Trusted by Expert Traders

Traders had to use too many different software because the solutions available were fragmented. Researchfin now provides a complete solution with all the tools that traders need in one place and with a great UI.

US Investing Champion 2020

Oliver Kell

I totally love the natural language scanner, easy for students and their mentors.

Vishal Mehta

Independent Trader and Chair, CMT, India Chapter

The much-needed technology for the fast-paced next generation traders, catapults a new trader to trade like a pro.

Sofien Kaabar

Institutional Forex Strategist & Trader

Explore. Measure.
Be a Confident Trader.

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Systematic Trading is Hard.
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