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You want all your students and followers to become successful traders and investors, fast! We want that too! Let's collaborate!

Teach trading and investing using the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, AI-based Financial Market Intelligence platform! Earn more!

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As educators/teachers/coaches/trainers you want all your followers to succeed. So do we. We have created a platform designed specifically to help you help new traders and DIY investors in their journey to become consistently successful traders and investors. We provide meaningful AI-based automation to help you scale your teachings to guide as many new traders in their journey to success.

Most other software available in the market for retail traders and investors is manual and created for expert users. They expect the users to know what to do to get any benefit from those platforms. This is where most new traders and investors fail to leverage these platforms as they don't help them early in their journey and so they eventually drop off.

How will you get benefited?


Help your students, co-workers, and friends to trade or invest consistently and successfully with the most user-friendly, customizable and future-ready Financial Market Intelligence platform for retail traders and investors

Share Your Scan Templates

Setup your favorite scans as templates that your followers can use which provides them a starting point that they can build and extend

Share Workspace

Setup example workspaces and dashboard templates that help your followers build a systematic approach to the market


Use our AI-powered natural language search based scanners to help your traders research their setups using both technical and fundamental criteria together

Chart Analysis Tool

Use our AI-powered chart analysis tools to teach your students how best to identify opportunities in the market

Teach and Collab

Get access to the most game-changing and interactive teaching and collaboration tool for the financial markets [Coming Soon]

Become a Top Educator

Become the best rated and most followed educator by leveraging cutting edge technology to help most of your traders become successful

Grow your followers

Grow your follower base by sharing, either for free or for a fee, your templates with other users of Researchfin

Earn Money

Get access to the most game-changing and interactive teaching and collaboration tool for the financial markets [Coming Soon]

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