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Sofien Kaabar is an Institutional Forex strategist and trader and author of some of the best-selling books on technical trading strategies. He specializes in technical and quantitative patterns at BBSP, Paris. A CFA charter, he holds a master's in financial markets and investments from SKEMA Business School, France. When he is off the trading charts, Sofien loves to strum his guitar and play volleyball for amateur leagues for working people in Paris.


Sofien Kaabar

Forex Trading Made Easy

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  • Mechanisms and the FX Market
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management
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Learn and apply technical strategies to successfully trade in Forex


Live / Half-Day

A four-hour-long Masterclass with follow-up assignments.


Beginner to Advanced

The Masterclass is designed for starters and for traders who are yet trying to master advanced technical strategies.

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Free 6-months subscription and forex eBook 'The Handbook of Exotic Trading Strategies' by Sofien Kaabar.

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What you will learn

Mechanisms and the FX Market
  • What are markets? What is the FX market and its utility?
  • How does trading works? What moves market prices?
  • What is demand and what is supply?
  • Futures? Spot? CFD’s?
  • Who participates and for which reasons?
  • Difference between investors and traders?
  • Comparison between developed and emerging markets?
  • Whatis volatility? Correlation?
  • Triangular arbitrage?
Fundamental Analysis
  • Economic growth
  • Inflation
  • Workforce
  • Balance of Trade
  • Interest rates and carry trades
  • Economic Calendar
Technical Analysis
  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Inflation
  • Graphical and Fibonacci analysis
  • Balance of Trade
  • Trend following indicators
  • Contrarian indicators
  • Using simple technical strategies
  • Using more complex trading strategies
  • Developing a scanner
Risk Management
  • Stop-loss
  • Target management
  • Position sizing

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Forex Trading Made Easy

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Forex Trading Made Easy


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